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Mission and values


Mission Statement:

The mission of our school is based on our motto, Learning and Growing Together. 

Our students will be:

Literate and Numerate – high performing multi-literate and numerate individuals who interact with their world confidently and appropriately.  

Active – confident, healthy and physically active individuals who take risks with their learning and responsibility for their actions as a global citizen. 

enGaged – persistent, creative, critical thinkers who show initiative, set realistic goals for personal achievement and fully participate in the learning journey.

Transformative – independent, efficient life-long learners who access and generate knowledge; transforming it into new learning and applications.  


As members of Park Lake State School we are committed to the Values for Australian Schooling:

Care and Compassion;

  • Doing Your Best;
  • Fair Go;
  • Freedom;
  • Honesty and Trustworthiness;
  • Integrity;
  • Respect;
  • Responsibility;
  • Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion.

We support these values and beliefs by developing in our students the following traits and skills:

  • care for and be compassionate towards self and others;
  • confidence in their own ability and to ‘have a go’;
  • treat all people fairly;
  • act morally and ethically in all aspects of their development;
  • willingness to be involved in all aspects of their own learning and school activities;
  • ownership of personal choices and community  property;
  • a desire to share information, skills, knowledge, personal successes and the successes of others;
  • respect the views of others and treat them with consideration;
  • provide quality in all they produce and to expect quality experiences;
  • be aware of others, accept diversity and be included and inclusive;    
  • trust in their peers, teachers and school environment.