Physical Education at Park Lake SS

All Physical Education lessons are aligned with current curriculum documents to encourage every child to succeed. Students participate in weekly lessons of 30 minutes allowing them to experience and engage in a range of movement, fundamental and gross motor skills. Students are also taught skills for a range of specific sports such as Athletics, Netball, Cricket, Touch Football, Soccer, Basketball, Tee ball, Gymnastics and Dance.

Learning experiences are personalised to cater for the developmental needs of each child. Our school also focuses on integrating literacy and numeracy within its Physical Education program to enhance overall learning experiences.

School Sports Houses

The school is divided into four sports houses – Kangaroo, Barramundi, Lorikeet and Goanna. Children are allocated to a house for sporting competitions. Students remain in the same house for their entire primary school years and siblings remain together in the same house.

House Colours

Kangaroo – Red

Barramundi – Blue

Lorikeet – Green

Goanna – Yellow

Cross Country

Each year our school participates in a cross country carnival. Students are encouraged to wear their house colours for this carnival. The junior carnival, prep – year 1 classes run 1 lap of the school oval and year 2-3 classes 2 laps. Students are split into boy and girl races for each class.

The senior carnival students run in the year they were born. These distances vary based on the age groups, eg under 9, 10, 11 & 12 years.

Interschool Sport

Our school participates in three Interschool sport carnivals (Gala Days) which are held once a term. These are whole day carnivals with two other local schools (Highland Reserve and Coomera Springs). Students in years 4-6 are able to participate. Students depart school at 9am and return approximately 2:30pm. 

The cost for these carnivals is a one off payment, which is paid at the start of the year. This covers bus costs to and from the venues. Students who do not participate will engage in a normal school day.

Junior Athletics Carnival

Our junior Athletics carnival is split into a prep carnival and a year 1 & 2 carnival. During this time classes rotate around the oval and participate in a range of activities such as long jump, high jump, mini hurdles, egg and spoon, relays, sprints and shot put.

Senior Athletics Carnival

Our senior Athletics carnivals are split into year 3 & 4 and year 5 & 6. Students participate in sprints in the morning session and run in the year they were born. Middle session students are split into age groups and rotate around the oval participating in high jump, shot-put, long jump, vortex, hurdles and tug-o-war. 

These are fun filled days and parents, family and friends are welcome to come along.

Swimming Carnival

Our school swimming carnival is held at the end of the school year, at Nerang Pool. This is for students in years 4-6. There is a cost involved which covers the bus and pool entry.

Students are able to participate in either 25m or 50m events consisting of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Confident swimmers are selected to swim 100m freestyle.

Last reviewed 30 April 2020
Last updated 30 April 2020